Wasim Akram’s Epic Response to Team India’s Pacers’ Success Conspiracy: What Really Happened at CWC 2023?

Wasim Akram's Epic Response to Team India's Pacers' Success Conspiracy: What Really Happened at CWC 2023?

The Wasim Akram Response: Addressing Accusations Against Team India’s Pacers

The cricket world has always been filled with excitement, exhilaration, and sometimes, controversies. The 2023 World Cup has seen its fair share, and it’s former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram who is now making headlines. The legendary cricketer finds himself in a verbal duel with former teammate Hasan Raza over comments regarding Team India’s pacers’ success.

Hasan Raza’s Controversial Take

Following a dominant performance by Team India, where they trounced Sri Lanka by 302 runs at Mumbai’s iconic Wankhede Stadium, Hasan Raza stirred a pot of controversy. Speaking candidly to the ABN channel, he made a bold accusation, suggesting that Team India might be benefiting from some unsporting advantages.

Raza was quoted saying,

“ICC Might Give Different Ball to Indian Bowlers thats why they are Getting Seam and Swing More Than Others.”

Wasim Akram’s Fiery Retort

It didn’t take long for Akram, a revered figure in the cricket community, to respond. In a chat with A Sports, Akram showcased his wit and humor while addressing the claims. He quipped,

“I have been reading about it from last couple of days. I want to have the same things these guys are having… sounds like fun. Beizaati apni to karani hi karani saddi bhi na karwao puri duniya vich (Don’t make fun of us in front of the world, please keep those insults to yourself).”

More than just a dismissive retort, Akram dived deep into explaining how the process of ball selection works, debunking Raza’s accusations. He detailed,

“It’s a very simple thing. The fourth umpire come up with a box of 12 balls. The team that win the toss, and if they are bowling then that team would pick the two balls in front of four umpires and the referee. The on-field umpire will keep the first ball in their Qright and the second in left.”

Furthermore, the experienced cricketer commented on the conspiracy theory and said,

“I don’t know who comes up with such conspiracy theory.”

Setting the Record Straight on Ball Tampering

Addressing the technicalities and dispelling myths, Akram took the time to educate the masses on the physics of cricket. He asserted,

“There is no device in the ball. You can’t swing the ball with a device. For argument sake if you are trying to swing the ball we can say one is a heavy side, while the other is light side, but you can’t swing the ball with a device.”

Team India’s Continued Dominance

In the midst of all this chatter, Team India hasn’t lost its focus. The team, after their triumphant win against Sri Lanka, solidified their position in the semi-finals of the World Cup. With Mohammed Shami leading the charge, bagging 5 crucial wickets, Team India’s march towards the cup seems relentless.

As the World Cup progresses, fans and experts alike are eager to see which team will clinch the coveted title. While controversies are bound to arise, it’s the spirit of the game that will always take the center stage.