Highest first 10 overs score Record in ODI World Cup - Since 1999


Oct 28 2023

Australia's explosive start in the 2023 World Cup ODI shocked fans with an incredible 118-0 after the first 10 overs, setting a new record in the powerplay.

Aus Vs NZ 2023 world Cup

The West Indies' previous record of 119/1 against Canada in 2003 had stood the test of time until Australia's remarkable performance in 2023.

WI - 119/1 vs CAN in 2003

New Zealand showed their power and ability to dominate the World Cup in 2015 with 116/2 against England.

NZ - 116/2 vs ENG in 2015

India's commanding start, 94/0 against Afghanistan in 2023, showcased their strength and potential to dominate the World Cup.

IND - 94/0 vs AFG in 2023

Sri Lanka, with a score of 94/2 against South Africa in 2023, displayed their resilience and determination to succeed on the global stage.

SL - 94/2 vs SA in 2023

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