Which Team Gifted the Most Extras In World Cup 2023


Oct 28 2023

Pakistan takes the top spot in the extras leaderboard, proving that they're not just skilled with the bat and ball but also in donating free runs to the opposition. It's like they're hosting a charity event on the pitch!

Pakistan - 94 Extras

South Africa isn't far behind, serving up 90 extras. They must have a "bowl wide" button stuck in the 'on' position.  Perhaps they should consider sending their bowlers to a driving school to learn about staying within the white lines.

South Africa - 90 Extras

The Netherlands might not be leading in runs, but they're definitely leading in extras. Perhaps they should consider renaming themselves "The Generous Dutch.

Netherlands - 89 Extras 

Sri Lanka's 74 extras tell us that they have a soft spot for the opposition. It's like saying, "Hey, you can have these runs; we don't need them.

Sri Lanka - 74 Extras

The Aussies are known for their competitive spirit, but it seems they're also quite generous when it comes to extras. "No worries, mate, have a few more runs!

Australia - 78 Extras

England's 63 extras reveal a sense of politeness. They don't want to be rude by denying the opposition some easy runs.

England - 63 Extras

New Zealand's extras are like their national bird, the Kiwi - small, but they have their own charm. They're not leading, but they're not trailing too far behind.

New Zealand - 70 Extras

Afghanistan might be new to the cricketing world, and they've got a generous heart, too. "Welcome to the cricket party, here are some runs as a gift.

Afghanistan - 52 Extras

Bangladesh's extras are almost like a friendly nod to the opposition, saying, "Hey there, we don't mind you taking these extra runs home.

Bangladesh - 47 Extras

India is the disciplined kid in the class, showing restraint in giving away extras. They're like the teacher's pet who's always doing things by the book.

India - 34 Extras

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