Carlito’s Surprise Comeback at WWE Fastlane

Carlito's Surprise Comeback at WWE Fastlane: New Feuds and an Epic Glow-Up!

The Unexpected Return

When the WWE Universe tunes in to events like Fastlane, they eagerly anticipate hard-fought matches and potential storyline twists. This weekend, fans got more than they bargained for when Carlito, the former United States Champion, made a dramatic entrance, aiding Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar in their battle against Bobby Lashley’s formidable new group.

“Carlito ran out to the ring in the closing stages of the match to claim the spot as their partner before delivering a Backstabber to Montez Ford and helping them pick up the win.”

A familiar face to long-time WWE fans, Carlito’s physique hints at dedicated hours in the gym, a fact WWE recently showcased on their official Instagram.

Carlito's Surprise Comeback at WWE Fastlane: New Feuds and an Epic Glow-Up!


The LWO Saga and The Mysterious Partner

Carlito’s association with the Latino World Order (LWO) began at Backlash, marking his unexpected reentry into WWE storylines. As events unfolded on SmackDown’s go-home edition, Mysterio received news of Joaquin Wilde’s unavailability for Fastlane due to a ruthless assault by The Street Profits in a bout against Lashley. This set the stage for a mystery partner to join the LWO at the premium live event.


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Despite their victory, the LWO’s issues with Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits are evidently unresolved, teasing more action-packed encounters in future events.

“The LWO were victorious, but it’s clear that their issues with Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits are far from over.”

What’s Next for Carlito in WWE?

Rumors of Carlito’s WWE return had been circulating for weeks, especially after whispers of him re-signing with the company post his surprising appearance at Backlash in May.

Eager fans wondered how WWE would reintroduce the popular superstar. The wait ended with Fastlane, and indications are that Carlito will continue to be a central figure on SmackDown. Notable sources, including PWInsider, reinforce this belief.

“PWInsider recently reported that Carlito is expected to continue to work on the blue brand, which gives the impression that his storyline with the LWO will also continue.”

A confrontation between Bobby Lashley and Carlito seems imminent. Considering Carlito’s current physical stature, almost mirroring Lashley’s, the stage is set for a gripping rivalry.

Carlito’s return has added another layer of intrigue to WWE’s ever-evolving storylines. With potential feuds on the horizon and a place in the LWO, the former US Champion’s journey promises to be nothing short of electrifying. The WWE Universe will be keenly watching Carlito’s moves, and it’s clear that Fastlane was just the beginning.