How to Touch Gloves in UFC 5: What Gamers Need to Know

UFC 5 Drops the Mic with Glove Touches and Bruce Lee Bows: What Gamers Need to Know

Etiquette Meets Aggression: The Art of Glove-Touching in UFC 5

“Touching gloves in UFC 5 shows sportsmanship and a degree of trust between two players,” a feature that players have been eagerly waiting for. It’s not just about punches and takedowns; it’s about sportsmanship, too. The highly anticipated EA’s UFC 5 brings back the subtle art of touching gloves, a sign of respect and camaraderie in the ring that transcends the brutality of the sport.

The How-To: Making Contact Without Throwing a Punch

Touching gloves is a straightforward yet emotionally charged mechanic. As soon as the round begins, you’ll want to hold down the L2 button if you’re on PlayStation or LT on Xbox to outstretch your fighter’s arm. Keep the button held down until your opponent reciprocates. It’s a two-player tango that sets the tone for the whole fight. A touch of gloves can create an atmosphere of respect; miss it, and you might be entering a more hostile showdown.

UFC 5 Drops the Mic with Glove Touches and Bruce Lee Bows: What Gamers Need to Know

“Be cautious of cheap shots,” warns the seasoned player. “The worst aspect is it can cause significant damage and, in some cases, land a flash knockout.”

Yes, you read that right. Some players will trick you into touching gloves only to land a sucker punch. If you’re having a great round, be prepared to block with R2 on PlayStation or RT on Xbox and maintain a cautious distance.

The Other Side of the Coin: Respectful Taunts and Other In-Game Messages

If you miss that glove-touch moment or want to switch things up, UFC 5 also allows for respectful taunts. “To use the respectful Bruce Lee-style bow to show sportsmanship,” you’ll need to hold down the L1 button on PlayStation or LB on Xbox and then press down on the D-pad. This Bruce Lee homage adds another layer of strategy and showmanship to the game.

“However, as with the glove touch, players must be cautious of taking a punch or kick in the middle of a taunt,” advises the pro gamer.

Yes, in the world of UFC 5, even sportsmanship comes with risks. Just like in the ring, timing and context are crucial. Show respect, but be prepared for anything your opponent throws at you, sometimes literally.

UFC 5 Drops the Mic with Glove Touches and Bruce Lee Bows: What Gamers Need to Know

When and How to Be Cautious

You’re entering the world of EA’s UFC 5, where not all fighters play by the rules. It’s essential to stay vigilant, especially if you’ve dominated the previous rounds. Tricks and cheap shots are sadly part of the online gaming landscape. It’s not just about how to touch gloves or taunt respectfully; it’s also about knowing when it’s safe to do so and how to defend yourself if things go south.

Get Ready to Fight: UFC 5 Drops Soon

In case you’re marking calendars, UFC 5 is set to launch on October 27th, 2023, for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the franchise, UFC 5 promises an immersive experience, blending raw aggression with the unwritten rules of martial art etiquette.

So, touch gloves, bow respectfully, and let the best fighter win.