Mike Perry Shuns UFC BMF Belt, Targets Eddie Alvarez in BKFC Showdown

Mike Perry Shuns UFC BMF Belt, Targets Eddie Alvarez in BKFC Showdown

Bare-Knuckle Boxing Showdown: Perry Vs. Alvarez

The Anticipation Builds for BKFC 56

The combat sports world is buzzing with excitement as Mike Perry prepares to face Eddie Alvarez in the headline bout of BKFC 56 on December 2. This event marks a significant moment in bare-knuckle boxing, offering the ‘King of Violence’ belt to the victor. As the date approaches, Perry and Alvarez have been engaging in verbal jousts, adding fuel to the already fiery anticipation.

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Perry’s Dismissal of the UFC’s BMF Belt

In a candid interview with MMA’s Dylan Bowker, Mike Perry, also known as ‘Platinum,’ expressed his indifference towards the UFC’s BMF belt. He asserted, “It’s the biggest bare-knuckle event… It’s nice to have a belt. The ‘King of Violence’ belt sounds like such a cool belt. I’m a GMF. I’m a ‘Good Motherf***er’. I don’t care for the BMF belt. Besides, my BMF title champion would be Jorge ‘Gamebred’ Masvidal.”

This statement underscores Perry’s focus on his upcoming bout and his disregard for titles not directly related to his current pursuit.

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The Lighthearted Face-Off and Steroid Accusations

The pre-fight buildup took an intriguing turn during the BKFC 56 press conference. Perry and Alvarez engaged in a lighthearted body-punching exchange, showcasing their readiness for the upcoming clash. However, Perry’s subsequent interview with Helen Yee brought a serious allegation to the forefront. He suggested that his opponents, including Alvarez, might be using performance-enhancing drugs. “I was just saying before the camera turned on. Steroids and all, these guys take them. I smash them anyways. There’s no way his n*pples should have been that hard,” Perry stated.

Alvarez’s Response to the Allegations

Mike Perry Shuns UFC BMF Belt, Targets Eddie Alvarez in BKFC Showdown

Eddie Alvarez quickly responded to Perry’s steroid accusations, firmly denying them on X/Twitter. Alvarez’s statement was unequivocal: “Hey @PlatinumPerry I hope you aren’t serious about any steroid accusations, that’s crazy talk, I’m 100 percent down for any random testing from now until the end of time, just say the word, We can split the cost. I drink coffee, Zero drugs my entire life. Not 1 Ever.”

This response from Alvarez highlights his willingness to undergo any testing to prove his innocence, thereby maintaining the integrity of the sport and his personal reputation.

The Countdown to BKFC 56

As December 2 draws near, the combat sports community eagerly awaits what promises to be a thrilling encounter between two seasoned fighters. The stakes are high, the tension palpable, and the ‘King of Violence’ belt awaits its rightful owner. With both fighters showcasing confidence and determination, BKFC 56 is poised to be an event that will be remembered for years to come.