Alexander Volkanovski’s Risky UFC 294 Rematch: Why Diego Lopes Says It’s a Win Even After the KO

Alexander Volkanovski's Risky UFC 294 Rematch: Why Diego Lopes Says It's a Win Even After the KO

The Controversial Decision

In the blood-pumping world of UFC, quick choices are the name of the game. But what happens when you decide to jump back into the Octagon against a powerful rival on less than two weeks’ notice? Just ask Alexander Volkanovski, who lost to Islam Makhachev in a knockout during the main event at UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi this past Saturday. The decision to take the fight is drawing eyebrows and spawning hot debates. Should he have taken this risk? We dig deep into this much-talked-about moment.

“The Confidence was High”

Diego Lopes, a fellow UFC featherweight, chimed in on the controversy, shedding some light on the inner workings of a fighter’s mind. In an interview with MMA Junkie, Lopes laid it all out:

“I don’t think it was a mistake since the first time was very close. The first fight was very close and a lot of people saw Volkanovski winning and other people saw Makhachev winning. The confidence that Volkanovski had taking this fight was very high. I think I would’ve done the same.”

Lopes empathizes with Volkanovski’s choice, admitting that he himself would have done the same if he thought he had bested his opponent in their first encounter.

Risk and Reward: A Fighter’s Perspective

Volkanovski filled in for an injured Charles Oliveira, agreeing to face Makhachev despite the looming odds. Was it an act of courage or sheer madness? Lopes makes it clear that from a fighter’s viewpoint, it’s far more complex than that:

“If I had a close fight against someone a weight class above me and for the title, I would’ve taken the fight, too. Now, after seeing the fight and getting a result, everyone is going to say it was a mistake. Only us fighters know the feeling of seeing an opportunity.”

According to Lopes, it’s the grand prize that makes the gamble worth it. The reward was simply too immense to ignore, and sometimes, you’ve got to roll the dice.


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The Final Verdict: Did Volkanovski Bite Off More Than He Could Chew?

Lopes does concede that Volkanovski might have underestimated the challenge. His comments are telling:

“I think there’s always receipts. All respect to him for taking the fight on 10 days’ notice. He wasn’t prepared for this fight. But yeah, it was surprising to see how Makhachev finished him.”

While praising Volkanovski’s courage, Lopes underlines that preparation is key, something that Volkanovski may have compromised for the sake of seizing an opportunity.

The Underlying Theme: Respect for Daring to Be Great

Regardless of the opinions and judgments, Lopes concludes with a note of admiration for Volkanovski:

“Either way, Lopes has tremendous respect for Volakanovski for daring to be great.”

In a sport like UFC, where opportunities can be few and far between, the willingness to take risks speaks volumes about a fighter’s character. For better or worse, Volkanovski’s decision was a defining moment, and it’s one that won’t be forgotten any time soon.