Gilbert Burns Targets UFC Comeback: Covington in His Sights for Next Fight

Gilbert Burns Targets UFC Comeback: Covington in His Sights for Next Fight

Gilbert Burns: The Triumphant Return to the UFC Octagon

The UFC realm buzzes with anticipation as Gilbert Burns, a formidable name in the world of mixed martial arts, announces his comeback after a significant injury. Known for his resilience and fierce competitiveness, Burns is eyeing his next challenge in the Octagon, and he has his sights set on a specific opponent.

The Road to Recovery: Burns Overcomes Injury

Conquering the Setback
Six months ago, at UFC 288, Burns faced a major setback when he tore multiple muscles in his left shoulder during his bout with Belal Muhammad. His journey to recovery was arduous but successful. In a conversation with TMZ Sports, Burns revealed, “I’m clear. No pain. Shoulder is moving good. All range of motion is back. Strength.” This declaration of fitness is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the sport.

Setting the Stage for a Comeback

Eyeing UFC 299 or UFC 300
Burns is not just back; he’s ready to reclaim his position in the UFC. Targeting either UFC 299 or UFC 300 for his return, he is prepared to showcase his skills and demonstrate that he is still a formidable force in the welterweight division.

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The Target: Colby Covington

A Potential Showdown
In terms of opponents, Burns has a clear preference. He expressed his desire to face Colby Covington, currently ranked number 3, who is set to contend against champion Leon Edwards at UFC 296. Burns speculated, “I think Leon Edwards is gonna get the win, but who knows when he’s gonna come back. Or when either one of these guys is gonna come back. That would be my number one pick.”

A Ringside Perspective

Witnessing UFC 296 Firsthand
Burns plans to be present at the T-Mobile Arena for UFC 296, keenly observing the outcomes and dynamics that could shape his future in the Octagon. This step underscores his strategic approach to his career and his next moves in the UFC.

Gilbert Burns Targets UFC Comeback: Covington in His Sights for Next Fight

The Unfinished Business with Belal Muhammad

Confidence in Future Victory
Reflecting on his previous encounter with Belal Muhammad, where he suffered a unanimous decision loss due to his injury, Burns remains confident in his abilities. He firmly believes that a healthy rematch would result in a clear victory on his part. “100% me healthy, I would destroy Belal Muhammad and I would get that win back. I don’t know if it’s gonna happen right now, but it’s gonna happen,” he asserted, reinforcing his belief in his superiority as a fighter.

Gilbert Burns’ return to the UFC is not just a comeback; it’s a statement of resilience and ambition. As he prepares for his next battle, the MMA community watches with bated breath, eager to see how this chapter in Burns’ career unfolds. With his eyes set on Covington and a keen interest in the welterweight title fight, Burns’ journey back to the Octagon is sure to be one of the most compelling narratives in the UFC.